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Zivan started commercial activity in 1985 as a branch of the Zapi Group, a worldwide leader in high frequency motor controllers for battery-powered machines.

The company’s principles of attention to detail in manufacturing and extensive research into the planning and innovation of high-tech devices soon promoted Zivan to a leading position in the sector, with an impressive product range of “switching” battery chargers which rank among the most complete and flexible on the market.

Since 1983, when the “Zanichelli-Righi” patent for the first high frequency controlled battery charger was registered, Zivan has consistently improved product quality and reliability, resulting in ongoing worldwide success.

All Zivan products are designed and developed at our Italian plant. In this way we can guarantee efficiency safety and flexibility as well as full compliance with quality assurance protocol (UNI EN ISO 9001). Our customer portfolio includes many of the world’s market leading OEM companies in the electric motion sector, which we support with a comprehensive range of consultation and design services to satisfy all their requirements e.g.:

  • Customization of Battery chargers with their own branded label
  • Custom-made products requiring specific power requirements
Zivan’s Commercial and After-Sales services have also expanded as the company has continued to grow.

Zivan prides itself on employing the most highly qualified and talented professionals, whose experience and specialist skills mean the company is able to offer a high-tech quality product of exceptional quality.