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High-frequency battery charger innovators

ZIVAN's compelling narrative starts in the 1980s, fueled by a visionary concept: the development of the first high-frequency battery charger tailored for industrial purposes, marked with an official patent filing. This pivotal juncture marked the inception of ZIVAN's enduring commitment to innovation, a foundational principle and part of the company's direction that continues to illuminate our path forward. Infused with a spirit of innovation, this ethos is deeply embedded in our corporate identity, propelling us into the future.

Future generation

Our focus is on developing the best products, and investing in the development of our people.
The entire design of ZIVAN's products —hardware, software and mechanical design— takes place in our Italian headquarters. Our rapidly expanding team of engineering professionals is guided by a deep passion for technology, electronics and innovation.


Quality made in Europe

ZIVAN's proprietary knowledge drives the product creation process. From design to product qualification, validation and testing phases, the whole process is developed and implemented entirely at ZIVAN.

The goal of our Research & Development department is to ensure that all ZIVAN's products maintain our characteristic innovation. Our R&D engineers continuously research the market to improve or develop new products to better address our customers' needs.

Environmental compliance and standards

Our products are developed based on global compliance standards that guarantee the quality of our battery chargers, including CE, UL, EMC standards. Our chargers' high efficiency meets the energy standards of the California Energy Commission (CEC). The heavy-duty design is built to withstand extreme temperatures, high IP ratings, vibration and shock profiles for non-road mobile machinery and on-highway vehicles.