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The transition to electric drive is becoming more popular in the construction industry. Lower emissions and lower noise levels benefit workers and the environment.

Lithium-ion batteries are the more likely choice for these applications due to emission regulations, advancements in lithium battery technology and the opportunity for clean indoor operations.
After many years in development, ZIVAN designs and manufactures chargers that are robust and can handle high duty cycles and harsh environments. Our chargers are designed with top quality materials and extreme attention to detail. They are designed to be powerful enough for large machines and are built to handle the toughest jobs on construction sites. Our chargers provide safe and reliable power to lithium battery systems for all construction environments and use cases.
ZIVAN battery chargers are the ideal solution for construction applications. They provide higher energy capacity, better efficiency, faster recharging time and their strength allows safe and stable use for operators. Additionally, they have lower acquisition costs and substantial savings in terms of maintenance. They are also compatible with charging stations and you can parallel them in case you need more power for bigger size machines. 

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