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Industrial vehicles that transport materials, components and products through their lifespan in manufacturing, warehousing and distribution.

The evolving search for solutions more suitable to different application needs has allowed ZIVAN to develop extremely compact products—perfect for material handling machinery.
Automated processes and the innovative trend towards digitization have contributed to a stronger design of compatible and effective industrial automatic handling systems. ZIVAN is one of the pioneers in high frequency charging solutions, providing chargers in this sector before most competitors were developed.
Our extensive expertise has led to the manufacture of reliable and robust chargers that can handle high duty cycles and harsh environments. Our battery chargers are flexible and intuitive. The same device recharges multiple battery chemistries and a wide window of battery capacities. With an easy adjustment, you can achieve the most suitable charging parameters specific to your material handling application.
Our off-board chargers are suitable for most material handling applications: Forklifts, AWP, AGV.
We conduct short, medium and long term tests on batteries. Our charging algorithms are approved by market leading battery manufacturers and meet the most stringent requirements from the main global material handling OEMs.

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